Yes! Nurse Super-Moisturising Hand Cream for Dry, Cracked, & Chapped Hands (50ml)

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Our award-winning, super-moisturising hand cream is clinically proven to soothe, hydrate, and replenish dry, cracked, and chapped skin.

Multi-tasking super nutrients

From Willow Bark, to Manuka Honey, the Yes! Nurse hand cream is scientifically engineered to provide your hands with all-natural super nutrients, nutrients which are clinically proven to not only moisturise the hands, but to also improve metabolism, complexion, skin elasticity and oil levels. Yes! Nurse can even fight the signs of ageing, so rest-assured there’s plenty of goodness in that little tube to give your hands all the protection and love they deserve.

Instant relief from cracked hands

The Yes! Nurse hand cream leaves absolutely no greasy residue, with its gentle and mildly-fragranced formula. The result is a fast-absorbing, instant-drying hand cream that gives your hands an immediately-noticeable boost – ideal for soothing cracked hands on-the-go!

Hydration for the duration
No need to re-apply after hand washing with deep & rapid absorption.

      • Dermatologically tested
      • High in Vitamins A, B5 & E
      • Contains Omega 3, 5, 6 & 9
      • Formulated without colour, parabens, or phthalates.
      • A little goes a long way. Massage well into your skin.
      • Absorption rates are at an average of 5 seconds.
      • A pea sized dollop is more than suffice to keep those hands all lovely & nice!